Meet Jon

Most people would look right through him or around him because of his appearance – long dreadlocks, beard, colorful clothing. Those who chose to meet him knew he moved from the heart. He had a poetic soul, a creative mind and was loved by so many.

And now I take the love I have for him and turn it around – pay it forward – make a difference in the world in his honor.

Jon was different

He believed that we are all connected. That we are souls having a physical experience. That when he was looking at another person, he was really looking at an aspect of himself in another form. One of the things he helped me see is that homeless are not just leeching off the system, crazy, without work ethic, dirty people. They are simply people who are down on their luck. He believed that his actions were tied to humanity, that by raising his vibration, he could help end suffering on a global level.

I’m taking Jon’s philosophy, this kindness to others, this seeing the best in people, this idea that we are all connected, and starting something. It’s outside my comfort zone, but I’m doing it for him. I’m taking my love for my little brother and turning to put it out there into the world. Using what he left me and giving it to others. Helping those down on their luck. Making a point to go out of my way to help someone I may have looked right through, or around because their appearance or life station made me uncomfortable. To help them be seen, and fed, and heard. To raise the vibration. On a global level.

Make a Difference in His Memory

Here’s the Plan

Every week, I will post a blog to share with you what actions I have taken. I have a lot of ideas about giving. Making a change, extending kindness when I see the opportunity. This means I’ve got to be on my game. Stopping the backpacker to ask if he’d like some trail bars because my brother had too many. Taking an order from the homeless man on the corner to go out and get what he really wants to eat – Chinese? Pizza? I’ll be back in an hour, my brother would like to buy you lunch. I’m starting where I am, with what he left behind. A little money, a lot of creative items, and a brimming heart. If you’d like to tune in to follow along, it would be an honor. If you’d like to leave comments about Jon, please do! This space is dedicated to his memory, after all.

How You Can Help

Send Me Your Photos of Jon

Please email me your images of Jon! I would love to build a carousel of Jon photos on this site. Send me your selfies, your adventure photos outside of the room. I’ll make a gallery. There will be baby photos too, I promise, in time. So check back to see them soon.

Give Me Ideas

I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’m not rich, but I have a lot of love and kindness to spare. Where do you think I could make a difference? I’m donating his creative supplies to the Boys and Girls Club this week to give creativity and joy to kids who have had a hard family life.

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Sara Bartlemay (ferguson)

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